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about me

I believe in Self Development!

We are our best teacher. But we need tools to know on which path to go and how to get there. I would like to be one of those people that helps you find your way.



-"Be a Showgirl for 1 day", Online Course

-CRAZY HORSE PARIS Dancer & Captain, world tours

-PARADIS LATIN Dancer, Paris

-TV Shows, Paris

-CANCAN Tours, Asia

-Showgirl Shows, Europe


Christian Louboutin, L'Oréal, Chantal Thomas, Panzeri

Yoga Teacher

-Yoga Classes & Lifestyle Tutorials for KALON, online & retreats

-Corporate Yoga Classes (ADIDAS, SEPHORA, L'OREAL, ETHparis...)

-Hatha Yoga Classes to the CRAZY HORSE Dancers

-Kids Yoga classes at MONTESSORI Bilingual School

-Yoga Classes for Ladies during a CANCER treatment, Ereel Association

-PRIVATE CLASSES Hatha/ Vinyasa/ Pre-Post Natal Yoga

Health Coach

-Content provider for Viven Health, USA

-Aromatherapy Coach for KALON App


-Women Circles, themed Feminity and Body Confidence

-Yoga Journal

-Face & Ambassador of "Fonds de dotation Ereel" Association, helping Ladies during and after Cancer treatments

-Patron for Rugby Team & Association "Prostasia' helping children with a degenerative disease

-Book "La Danse de l'Espoir", funding towards Cancer research



Level 4 award in Nutrition, UK

Trauma-Informed Yoga Training,Bali

Dysfunctional Breathing Course, UK


Pre-Post Natal Yoga Training, DeGasquet Method, Paris

Donna Farhi Workshop, Return to your Senses, UK

Aromatherapy specialisation, Federation Francaise


Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Samyak in Mysore, India

       Rainbow Kids Yoga Training, Paris

       Mathieu Boldron workshop, Paris


Vipassana Silence Retreat, UK
       Hatha/ Yin Yoga Retreat, Spain


Self-practice Retreat , India

Aromatherapy Course at University FLMNE


Ashtanga Yoga Retreat, Petri Räisänen, Thailand
       Vinyasa/ Yin/ Laya Yoga, Bali


Self-practice Retreat in Nepal

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